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The following photographs are courtesy of Drs. Cohen and Bhattacharyya at the University of Florida College of Dentistry.

The most common areas for finding oral squamous cell carcinoma are the lower lip, the lateral border (side) of the tongue, and the floor of the mouth. These areas are the most common, but are NOT the only places that this cancer can occur.

This white area on the side of the tongue is from chronic chewing of the tongue. It is not cancer. However, any suspicious lesion should be examined by your local dentist or oral surgeon.

This white area on the gums and inside the lower lip is from chronic snuff (dip) use. Using smokeless tobacco increases the risk of oral cancer 4 times over. A trip to your dentist is mandatory upon discovering this lesion.

Whitish areas on the lower lip such as this can be due to long term exposure to UV radiation. There is a 10% chance of lesions such as this to progress to cancer.

This man's lower lip must be biopsied ASAP.

The following findings need to be evaluated by a medical professional:


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