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Over the past 10 years, the Andrew J. Semesco Foundation, Inc. has donated nearly $480,000 for Oral, Head and Neck Cancer research.

In 2014, the Foundation is making our final endowment commitment to fulfill a 5 year $175,000 pledge to the University of Florida College of Dentistry.  These funds have been used to support a Fellowship which is dedicated to genetic research in oral cancer detection and therapy. The picture below is a presentation from the University of Florida Dental School to the AJS Foundation at our October Board Meeting.

Peggy Semesco; Teresa A Dolan, DDS MPH, Dean, UF College of Dentistry; Donald M Cohen, DMD MS, Professor, Oral Diagnostic Sciences, UF College of Dentistry; Russell Lindsay;
Edward K Chan, PhD, Professor, Oral Biology, UF College of Dentistry; Steve Semesco; Jill Schuck; Ryan Anderson; Judd Reed.

In 2012, the Foundation also directly funded a project with $35,000 at the UF College of Dentistry aimed at identification of oral cancer tumors with the ultimate goal of early detection and treatment.

The Foundation made two large donations in 2009. We contributed $15,000 to the UF College of Medicine towards the Andrew J. Semesco Fund for Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Research Endowment. This endowed fund was created in 2007 with an initial gift of $100,000, and is now at approximately $187,000. To donate directly to the endowment, click here. For more literature on the endowment, click here.

The second donation for 2009 was $25,000 to the UF College of Dentistry to fund a project investigating early detection of Oral Cancer using genetic markers. The information gathered from this study is aimed at developing a simple test to find oral cancer much earlier than current means. Early detection and treatment is key to oral cancer survival rates.

Thanks to all our supporters! It is amazing to see what The Foundation has done in the past few years. For more information on our foundation's research efforts please contact Juddson Reed at

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