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List of Publications funded by Andrew J. Semesco Foundation:

1. Li, S., Lian, S.L., Moser, J.J., Fritzler, M.L., Fritzler, M.J., Satoh, M., and Chan, E.K.L. (2008) Identification of GW182 and its novel isoform TNGW1 as translational repressors in Ago2 mediated silencing.  J.Cell Sci.  121:4134-4144

2. Lian, S.L., Li, S., Abadal, G.X., Pauley, B.A., Fritzler, M.J., and Chan, E.K.L. (2009) The C-terminal half of human Ago2 binds to multiple GW-rich regions of GW182 and requires GW 182 to mediate silencing.  RNA  15:804-13. PMC2673069

3. Jakymiw, A., Patel, R., Deming, N., Bhattacharyya, I., Shah, P., Lamont, R.J., Stewart, C., Cohen, D., and Chan, E.K.L. (2010) Overexpression of dicer as a result of reduced let-7 microRNA levels contributes to increased cell proliferation of oral cancer cells. Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer 49:540-59

Review Article and Editorial:

1. Chan, E.K.L., Satoh, M., and Pauley, K.M. (2009)  Editorial: Contrast in aberrant microRNA expression in SLE and RA: Is miR-146 all we need? Arthritis Rheum. 60:912-915. NIHMS163040

2. Pauley, K.M., Cha, S., and Chan, E.K.L. (2009)  MicroRNA in autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases. J. Autoimmunity 32:189-194. PMC2717629

Manuscripts currently in review:

1. Yao, B., Li, S., Lian, S.L., Abadal, G.X., Han, F., Fritzler, M.J., and Chan, E.K.L. (2010)  Divergent GW182 functional domains in the regulation of translational repression.  RNA, submitted.

2. Katz, J., Jakymiw, A., Ducksworth, M.K., Stewart, C.M., Bhattacharyya, I., and Chan, E.K.L. (2010) CIP2A expression and localization in oral carcinoma cells and premalignant and malignant oral epithelial lesions. Oral Oncology, submitted.
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