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is to fund, promote, and conduct scientific research in the molecular pathogenesis of oral, head, and neck cancers by studying the genes and corresponding proteins that are abnormally expressed in these cancers. This foundation will also promote, sponsor, and develop innovative methods for prevention, detection, and treatment of these fatal cancers. Our ultimate purpose is to find a cure for these deadly cancers.

OUR LOGO the lighthouse, represents security, trust and hope.
"While reflecting on the time we had spent with Andy, we couldn't help remember all the Memorial Day weekends at Crescent Beach. These trips helped define our friendship. Year after year we could look forward to the beach and visiting St. Augustine. Because this trip held so many memories of our friendship, we decided to use the St. Augustine ligththouse as our logo. Not only does it remind us of the value of our time spent with Andy, but the lighthouse brings with it the idea of Hope, Security and Trust. These are the principals behind the foundation...."
-Ryan Anderson, President and Co-Founder

We are secure in our desire to achieve the Foundation goals. The friendships that Andy made while on this earth are secure to this day and will remain so.

Trust is the strong foundation upon which any good undertaking must stand. Hope is the driving force of life. The hope of something better keeps us moving positively into the future and helps us endure hard times. It is hope that drives us to our ultimate goal of sponsoring and conducting research that will one day eradicate oral, head and neck cancer.

OUR VOLUNTEERS The Andrew J. Semesco Foundation is entirely volunteer run; there are no paid employees. Since all activities are supported by volunteers, we only have a 4.1% operation cost. This enables us to put over just under 96% of our public support to work for our cause.
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